Kareena Kapoor Style Check

Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Bebo is most stylish among the new lot of Bollywood actresses, Kareena has been an inspiration for young fans by never making a fashion blunder before the shutterbugs. She discloses her style secrets in her book The Style Diary of A Bollywood Diva. But you need not have to take the pain of going through the book. Here are some of her style tips for you.

Care for designer wear

This diva is seen mostly in western outfits. Kareena reveals her love for jeans in her above mentioned book. She makes it a point to wear jeans with high waistlines. It helps her protect her assets. Among her designer wear (suits and sarees) she is mostly seen in creations of Manish Malhotra. Her suits are most of which are of the Anarkali style.

However, her wedding ensemble was in a way recreated by designer Ritu Kumar. The other designer brands preferred by the actress Dolce and Gabbana, Zara, Wild Fox, Top Shop, Alexander McQueen and Thomas Pink.

For the stylish mane

Kareena keeps her long hair and when she is off screen she piles it up in a knot or keeps it loose in a messy fashion or in a curly ponytail. She prefers using hair products like root boosters for enhancing her hair volume. The brands are L’Oreal and Tigi. She usually chops her hair in layers and colours it in chocolate brown.

The munching secret

To keep that super sexy body Kareena makes it a point to eat healthy. Leafy veggies like spinach and broccoli always remain part of her diet. Chapatis, dal and curd also form part of her health diet.

For the skins that glows

In all of Kareena’s pictures you will cannot help admiring her glowing skin. What’s the secret behind it? Well, Kareena sticks to 6 glass of boiled water every day. She makes it a point to remove all her make up once her shooting is over. She avoids using pancake makeups and creams because of the chemicals they contain.

Makeup for that sexy face

For sexy pout Kareena prefers using MAC cherish lipsticks. She also carries with her kohl from Chanel and ‘improper copper’ blush from MAC. She usually avoids heavy makeup off screen.

The sweat out routine

It’s not easy to get that body of Bebo. For that she works tremendously hard doing 100 suryanamaskaras every day. Apart from that she into yoga and pilates for an hour every day.

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