Top Moments of Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan on the Couch with Karan Johar

Sunday night was blissful for the fans of Koffee With Karan as the episode premiered with the guests Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan. Both of the guests were enthused to be on the couch and their energy was hard to contain, even for Karan! While Katrina found it hard to stop herself from speaking at every line, Varun was also equally hyped.

The show started with a brief introduction after which Varun made his entry with a humorous rap for Karan about how he should spend more time with his kids and should hand over the reins of Bollywood to the younger generation.

Karan did not waste any time as he started the main chunk of the show by posing awkward questions to his guests. Given that Katrina is single right now, the host asked Katrina as to why she is not dating Varun, after which Katrina was amused and expressed it in words explaining how the idea just couldn’t be real.

Katrina also went on to share an instance where Varun and Arjun Kapoor had formed a mini Katrina-hate club with only two members on the set of Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. Initially, Katrina had thought that the two had formed the club out of spite for her, however, Varun later explained her the real reason after which the actress claimed to be ‘hurt and upset’.

Varun also recalled a few things from past, as he shared how Katrina’s ex, Salman took the boys on adventures like swimming and trekking, but Varun revealed that was only until Katrina arrived on set after which she was the sole centre of attraction for everyone. It was later that Katrina realised that the boys were seeking Salman’s attention and not her.

Karan further steered the conversation towards much more serious topics like Varun’s relationship with her rumoured partner Natasha Dalal. The young actor also confirmed that he is indeed in a relationship with her, and when asked about plans for marriage, he accepted that both of them might get hitched soon!

Katrina also had to take on questions about his ex’s Ranbir’s current partner, Alia Bhatt and his ex, Deepika Padukone. The host put the actress in a tight spot as he fired questions asking how Katrina keeps the relationship with both of them, to which she replied that she has individual relationships with both the ladies.

Varun also light-heartedly expressed his thoughts on the matter and said, “With all respect to everyone, screw everyone”. He also said that once you find someone, you stop caring about your exes. Karan then went on to show a few clips from Salman addressed to Varun, telling him about how he should go about working with Katrina. Salman guided the actor that he should not talk to Katrina about filmmaking, health-related issues and should also be ready to work hard and be ready for many takes when it comes to perfecting dancing numbers, which most of the times Katrina will effortlessly excel.

Karan also showed an emotional video to Varun which welled him up. The video was from his dad David Dhawan and his mother. Later, Varun told that there are only two things that can make him teary and those are his parents and his brother playing with his daughter.

Varun also had a fun time during the rapid fire round as he answered them effortlessly. When asked about choosing between sex and a successful movie, he said that “A big hit is like the best orgasm.” When Karan asked him about one line that can make him fall out of love with anyone, he said that it was “Let’s have vegetarian tonight.” Varun also said that if anytime Ranbir ever called him then it would be about a party, if Alia called him, then it would again be about the same party, to which Katrina let out a giggle. He also added that he found Rajkumar Rao to be one young actor to look-out for.

Katrina Kaif Koffe with karan

When Katrina was asked about what she loves, hate and tolerates about Salman Khan, she said “I love his loyalty…hate some of his opinions and tolerate his tardiness,” When asked the same question in regard to Alia, she said that she loved her free spirit, hated that she doesn’t put in a lot of work into her work but still delivers good performances and she tolerates that she doesn’t put in too much work at the gym either but is able to look good regardless. Katrina also pointed out her struggle with the airport look, and said that she has given up on it to which Karan replied, “Why you don’t wanna wear a saree with big glasses and walk out?.”

Katrina was also asked to make a pick between Deepika and Anushka, and she chose Anushka, given their friendship. She also chose Salman Khan over Akshay Kumar in a similar question. The guest also admitted to liking Rajkummar Rao as an actor but expressed her willingness to work with Vicky Kaushal citing that she thought they’d look together.

For his quirky answers, Varun also won a hamper along with the Koffee game which required them to weigh things up and make their friends call and say “Hey Karan, it’s me.”

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