iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c : A Quick Overview, Which is a right buy ?

Apple has recently announced the launch of much hyped and the most anticipated iPhone in the market, this time they have come up with two versions iPhone 5 and 5C.

We will now try to help you out which phone is right for you in the end choice is yours .

For Existing iPhone Users

Do you recently bought a new iPhone say iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Then we will strictly recommend a BIG NO the new version of iPhone is not a wise choice, just because there is not much difference you gonna see in terms of performance.

For People Who is looking for a change in Smartphone

If you are looking to opt a smartphone, we would definitely recommend you to go with the new version of iPhone if you ask us why ? The recent version of iPhone also comes with latest version of operating system which is iOS7 which will give you a different feel which will help you to come out of the existing smartphone boredom that you were using before.

For the first time apple has also launched iPhone with various colours, usually iPhones use to come in standard colours Black and White. Now one can opt various colours like Green, Gold, Silver Blue pink etc.

For People who wants to know What Powers the recent version of iPhone?

Like I said earlier there are 2 version of iPhone that has been launched iPhone 5c and 5s if we look at battery performance both the version sustain unto 10 hours battery life and has a 8MP camera rest of the features are almost same as its old version .


Apple always comes up with a classic pricing factor, one has to understand that these phones are operators locked so you will have to pay $99 16GB and $199 32GB for an iPhone 5c including that you will have to pay what your operators charges on a monthly basis .

For people in India one has to wait bit longer to get the hands on. Still can’t decide which one to buy drop us a comment we will help you out.

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