#InstaFit – Fitness Motivation From The Bollywood Ladies

As the holiday season draws to an end, most of us are struggling to get back to work, and to fit into our old jeans.

Hello holiday weight!

The very sight of a gym can be depressing for many of us, who have been been surrounded by good food, drinks and company over the last few days/weeks. To counter these ‘fitness blues’ ,(let’s call it that, shall we?) we’ve rounded up some celebrity fitness instas that are bound to motivate you to get back to (or start) exercising!


1. Malaika Arora Khan

Hot damn Malaika! Flexible, toned and so super fit! This lady is, without a doubt, a fitness goal!



Amrita Arora & Kareena Kapoor Khan

Everything is fun when done with your best friend and this includes exercise. The famous bestie pair Amrita Arora and Kareena Kapoor Khan look in the middle of an intense work out and their fitness game face is definitely inspiring us to put ours on!



Karisma Kapoor

The start, is without a doubt, the worst part of a workout. But the best part does follow through, that is, the end of the workout. When you’ve stretched the body, burnt a few calories, sweated it out and felt the burn, the body instantly feels more toned and flexible. This is exactly the feels Karisma Kapoor’s pictures are giving us!

Karisma Kapoor


Sonakshi Sinha

While we know this is a position incredibly difficult to master, there’s no denying it also looks incredibly fun! And not to forget how toned Sonakshi Sinha looks here!



Jacqueline Fernandez

If we could do a split like that, we’d be flashing a big smile like that too. But you know what? Constant exercise CAN get us to do a split like that! If that’s not motivation enough, we don’t know what is!



Alia Bhatt

Quite frankly, what Alia is doing here looks a LOT better than the boring ol’ treadmill! Sign us up for a trial please.




Shraddha Kapoor

Okay, yes, we know that’s not the way one uses a boxing bag, but Shraddha Kapoor just looks so happy, that it’s contagious! And motivating. We really DO feel like getting off our asses and throwing a few punches on a boxing bag, and then swinging on it. Of course!


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