Image With 195 Billion Pixels- You Can Zoom This Image To See The Faces Of People Walking On The Road

Yes, we are not bluffing! With technology getting exponentially better with each passing year, we can only imagine what tomorrow’s technology may look like. Bigpixel Technology Corporation of China has created an obscenely large image, taken from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

It is not just huge, it is humongous. The photo resolution is reportedly 195 gigapixels. One gigapixel is 1 billion pixels.

To put it into perspective, the resolution of digital cameras and smartphones is measured in megapixels. For instance, a 12-megapixel camera is capable of producing pictures with 12 million pixels. As per Bigpixel, the company behind the technology, the picture is more than 2,000 times precise than a photo captured from an ordinary camera. It is reportedly the world’s third largest and Asia’s largest picture.

It is a collection of images that have been integrated over a few months using image-stitching technology.

It has such a high resolution that you can zoom in to see the faces of the people walking in the street in the image.

Try Out The Zoom Feature Here


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