How to Make Festival of Rakhi Special this Year

Raksha Bandhan is the Hindu festival that celebrates love of brothers and sisters. It is celebrated in the month of shravan on the full moon day in the lunar calendar. It is mainly celebrated in the northern and western part of India. Traditionally, during the festival sister tie a Rakhi around brother’s wrists to celebrate their relationship. She prays for the long and healthy life of his brother and brother promises to stand by her side during good and bad period of life. This festival has different names in different states.

Narali Pornima

Narali Pornima is coconut day festival which takes place in Maharashtra. It is celebrated mostly by the fishing community who offer their prayers for their safety to the sun-god Varun.

Kajari Pornima

In central place of India Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand this day is celebrated as Kajari Pornima. An important day for the farmers and women blessed with a son. On the ninth day after shravaan aamavsya the preparation of Kajari festival starts. Ninth day is called Kajari navami.


In Gujarat Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as a Pavitropana. On this day people do worship of lord Shiva.

Jhulan Pornima

This day is celebrated in east India (west Bengal). People do worship of lord Krishna and Radha. This is an important festival for Brahman communities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka , Konkan and odisha they changes their holy threads during this holy day.

How are you planning to celebrate your Raksha Bandhan

Call your brothers and sisters at your home and relish old golden memories by seeing old albums. That would be actually enjoyable and excellent time pass.

Find out good restaurant where you can spend couple of time with lunch or dinner.
You can also plan one day outdoor monsoon trip.

Make a delicious lunch for your lovely brother. Refer our Raksha Bandhan Menu!

Happy Raksha Bandhan !

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