How To Make Beautiful DIY Votive Holders This Diwali At Home

Festive season is just around the corner, ladies get ready to make these sparkling Votive holders at home. It’s really simple to make diyas at home, all you need is a glass and glitter. Don’t believe us ? Take a look at DIY votive holders!Glitter Votive Holder

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Yeah yeah! We all have seen those stunning designers diya’s and fancy candle holders in the market, but wait a minute. Is it really possible to make something like this at home ? Our answer is YES! Everything is possible when you are a DIY girl 🙂 And what are we here for ? We had to include this one in out list. cement votive

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This diwali give try making beautiful Pattern lights at home. Just poke your favorite pattern through a flat disc of oven bake clay and you are ready to get your gaze on! You’ll need white oven-bake clay, toothpick or skewer,constellation guide,permanent marker, glue and the link below to follow the processConstellation light

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Cut paper candler holders : We all have computer paper, glass containmer and knife at home. You just need some more creativity to make paper cut candle holders. You have tried making them in your school days 🙂 Now is the time to use your imagination and experiment at home with your kids again. We are sure they’ll definitely love it !paper candle holder

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Ok, so this is the most simplest DIY we have ever seen. You might not get the same paper near your store, but you can always search for options. Just take a print out of pretty design and place a candle inside.Printed Paper Votives

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse! Adorn your home this festive season with recycled candle holders, made with scrap cardboard and rope these Votives will add earthy look to your house. They are eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. Beautiful Scrap

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By now you are just drooling over ideas what we shared with you. We just told you how you can DIY Votives from Cement,Paper and Cardboard. If you love that rustic look, here is a DIY made from wood which will a very gorgeous look to your house.wooden Diya

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