How to make your own parlor at home

During summers, our skin goes through many harshness of the nature. Heat, dust, pollution and stress is too much for our skin to bare.

keep your skin away from aging and dryness by combining all this in one shot is the facial scrub massage. There isn’t need for spend huge amounts in the parlor or spa. Now get your parlor at home with natural homemade scrubs

Anti-tanning Scrub

Honey is an essential ingredient of imparting radiance. It scrubs of the dull skin and radiates shine and youthfulness. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in 2 tablespoon of yogurt. Yogurt has anti-tanning agents.  Apply the mixture in the tanned area and wash with cold water. The results will be applicable within a week.

Glowing and Healthy Scrub

Gram Flour or besan has nutrients and minerals to scrub off the coarse skin layer. It fights off the dead cells or dry skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour in 2 tablespoon of yogurt or milk or rose water. Apply the paste and leave till dry. Once the skin is tight and mixture is dried, rinse with water. For best results apply this mixture twice a week.

Fruity Morning Scrub

It is very important to freshen the skin in morning with a fruit scrub. In a blender add ½ teaspoon of brown sugar to a piece of papaya and blend smoothly. Apply the scrub on your face and leave for few minutes. Rinse well. Your skin will glow and you will experience a fresh feeling.

Cooling Scrub

During summers the heat waves radiate skin and generate unhealthy dark cells leaving the skin pores open to dust, pimples, acne, etc. Fuller’s earth or multani mitti is an easy remedy during this season. This immediately cools of the skin giving freshness. Add one teaspoon of rose water to two teaspoon of fullers earth and make a paste. Apply the paste on affected areas until dry. Rinse well with water and feel the freshness in the summer heat.

Oil and Scrub

Olive Oil is alight healthy oil which easily penetrates in the skin, adding moisture and nourishment. While oiling prepare a paste of olive oil with sea salt. Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a small dish. Apply the scrub your face and leave for 5 minutes. Later wash with clean water and pat dry. An instant glow can be seen.

Tip: In case of acne or any other skin disease, kindly consult a dermatologist.