How to Clean Fabric Sofa at Home

It is very important to clean non removable cover sofa once in a 2 month. These sofas are generally dark in color and we can’t find visible stain over it. Sometime it is full of dust and it will cause to itching, cough and unpleasant health. In rainy season you should always take care of sofa it will cause to bad smell. If you are having pet you should clean sofa regularly. There are many professional sofa cleaners available in the market but self cleaning is the best and cheapest option. Here are some important and easy cleaning tips.

Vacuum clean the sofa

Do thoroughly vacuum cleaning of sofa it will help to clean dry dust. Do vacuum clean your sofa once in a 15 days.

Check the gaps

Make sure anything stuck in the gap between back seat and low seat. If you are having kid at home they try to put something in the gaps like pen or pencil, small things and over the time it stuck in the gap. Always do check it time to time.

Do spot cleaning

you can use lukewarm water and gentle detergent or sofa cleaner. But be careful if you are using sofa cleaner it should not contain bleach, for precaution use it on back side of sofa and see the reaction and go ahead.

Hard stain

Use vinegar to clean oily spots or grease spot. You can also use alcohol or vodka to wash out hard stain, use old toothbrush to rub the spot.

Odor free sofa

use dry baking soda water if your sofa is stinking badly, it will defiantly help to remove bad smell. If you are having pet you must do it. You can also use dettol water for pleasant smell it will also help to wash out bacteria.

Dry wet spot

you can use your hair dryer to dry out wet spots because it will take enough time to dry naturally.

Final brushing

Lastly do dry brushing by using handy brush or do it by using dry cloth.

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