How to buy a perfume – Make Your Personality Smell Right

Perfume defines one’s personality. It is essential to select the right perfume that fragrances your life. Our lifestyle, diet, medication highlights our scent. A smell of a person is his/her signature.

Here are few tips that we bring you to to create your smell

Select signature fragrance

Know yourself. The fragrance you are to purchase shall be with you for good long time. So, careful understand the smell you like floral, woody, citrus or oriental. These smells attract various emotions such as freshness or erotica. So, one need to decide on smell that would form part of their daily life.

Experiment array of smells

Select a fragrance according to your mood and purpose. For example, perfume at work, day time perfume or night perfume. Try to experiment with two or three perfume if you can afford all or else spend on one neutral smell that charges up senses of your and everyone around you. Tip: Use shower gel, body lotions and perfume of same fragrance so the impact of smell lasts longer.

Try before buying

Brands are always nice to hear and talk about. But it is very essential to try the fragrance, before purchasing. As the fragrance is going to stay with you and be part of you for some time, it is essential to know accentuate your body with the new scent. On different body the fragrances differ, such as on oily skin the fragrances stays longer when compared to dry skin. Tip: Spray the perfume on your pulse and smell after 5-10minutes. Analyse the fragrance, observe how it affects skin. Also, while trying, limit yourself to try three perfumes, as your senses would be numb to differentiate.

What we recommend seeking advice in deciding a perfume is recommended by experts. This helps to understand how other people shall perceive your fragrance. In case you don’t have company or friend to suggest, seek help from the vendors.

Lastly, try experiment with various fragrances, as it helps exploring oneself!

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