How Kissing Can Benefit Your Life!

According to anthropologists, 90 per cent of people kiss. It is indeed one of the warmest and sensual gestures you can share with another person. While its customs vary across the world, which we wouldn’t bother mentioning here; so we’d rather bring to your notice some healthy facts about kissing! Some known, while others still unknown!

1.A kiss a day, keeps calories away
Not so you replace this with your workout session, but a minute long kiss burns 26 calories. So, if you’re bothered about the calories you intake from sweets stuff like chocolates and more, the next thing you can do is kiss your partner a little longer than usual and shed some kilos! *wink*kissing benefits

2.It’s good for your heart
A long, passionate kiss genuinely regulates your heartbeat and lowers your cholesterol. It dilates blood vessels which decreases blood pressure.

3.Kiss to live & love longer
The above mentioned reason is good to exemplify how a good heart rate can help in increasing your life’s expectancy. However, a study has shown that men who kiss their wife just before leaving for work, live upto five years longer!Benefits of kissing Article

4.Kiss stress & pain goodbye
Ever noticed that taking deep breaths (the breathe Innnnn & Outttt) actually relaxes you. So does kissing. It makes you breathe deeply and acts as a strong trigger for relaxation, curing headaches and even menstrual pain. So when stressed out, this might help!stress_large_53c5367eddf2b326ee3e504d

5.It makes you look younger
FYI – the science of kissing is called philematology and there are 30 muscles involved in this scientific process. So while puckering your lips, you not only tone your cheeks and jaw muscles but also boost circulation to the face, bringing a youthful beautiful glow. stillgotit

6.It boosts your self-esteem
Kissing makes you happy and this happiness triggers the release of endorphins. That’s a feel-good chemical which makes you feel happier and much positive about your being.coolmom

7.It helps you judge your compatibility
Oxytocin is the bonding hormone which is released by the brain while kissing. This hormone is also secreted by mothers who are breastfeeding and helps in feeling calmer, content and more connected. Maybe that’s why, while kissing you either feel there is a connection with your partner or there maybe isn’t!judge your compatibility

8.It combats tooth decay
Kissing stimulates the flow of saliva and this helps to wash away plaque on your teeth that may lead to cavities.

That’s all for now on why you must kiss to avail some healthy health benefits! Tweet @whatshelikesIN and let us know some more other health benefits of kissing you are aware of! P.S. Let’s talk healthy. *wink*

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