Harmful Effects of Wearing a Bra

When it comes to bra, I don’t think any woman can do away with this apparel; bras have become an essential part of our wardrobe.

I have come across many women in my life, sometimes my aunt or my mother or even my grandma who narrate different stories or myths related to wearing bras or not wearing it, or what kind of bra is suitable. Grandma says “don’t wear bra at night while sleeping” while Mom says “don’t wear tight bras, but you can wear a comfortable bra at night”. Amidst all this confusion or differing opinion, main questions are what are the harmful effects of wearing a bra and how can be prevent ourselves from falling prey to those effects.Harful Effect of Wearing a Bra

Wearing a bra has many ill effects on heath such as back pain, cyst creation, constricted breathing, and muscle strain to name a few. Further many studies show that wearing bras might lead to breast cancer. It also shows that women who don’t wear bra or wear it for a short time, are less prone to breast cancer.

Continuous use of bras or tight and strappy bras are said to restrict the circulation and flow of lymph fluid that is responsible for collecting all the toxins and dirt from our tissues for elimination.

If bra has such harmful effects then should we stop wearing it? Rather I should say can we stop wearing it? Answer is NO…we can’t stop wearing it nor can we imagine ourselves without it.

Then what should we do? Well if we can’t totally prohibit its use at least we can take some steps to protect ourselves from these adverse health effects.

Firstly stop believing the myth that wearing bra while sleeping at night can help keep your breasts stay in shape and remain as it is, they will grow naturally no matter what.But if you really want to wear it at night, then opt for a comfortable lightweight bra, or a non-underwire bra or even sports bra is a good option.

A comfortable bra can be helpful for pregnant women and women who are in the breastfeeding stage.Tight fitting bra can also cause skin irritation and make you restless while sleeping at night. Another problem that we women face is of sweating around the breast due to continuous use of bras, usually due to our wrong choice of bra. Opt for a cotton bra instead of synthetic, linen or polyester material.
You can also opt for extra-soft, cushioned and wide comfortable shoulder straps to ease pressure.

Buying a bra that fits your shape is the key to a comfortable dressing and protecting yourself against these health problems.

6 thoughts on “Harmful Effects of Wearing a Bra

  1. Bra enhance ur personality after wear
    ur breast will simply be in the right place
    From dawn till dusk,For work or for play,
    Wear them you must ,Until the end of the day!

    really nicely written 🙂

  2. The post is True! Even my mom keeps telling me so! Every girl should take care of her health. And this post has good tips about how to tackle this problem! I agree to this, what about you? 🙂

  3. A very useful article for every girl. 🙂 Such posts save lives of many. A great way of spreading awareness. 🙂

  4. Really very nice post.Each and Every women should read this and take care of themselves before they shop that

  5. Hi. I am a medical anthropologist breast cancer researcher, credited with discovering the bra-cancer link, which is the leading cause of breast cancer. I am happy to see you have heard about this hazard of bras. But I am very sad with your statement, “If bra has such harmful effects then should we stop wearing it? Rather I should say can we stop wearing it? Answer is NO…we can’t stop wearing it nor can we imagine ourselves without it.” If you cannot stop wearing something that is causing disease, then there is no hope for women to end this terrible cancer epidemic. Perhaps you do not realize how horrible cancer is. Prevention is much better than treatment, and treatment may not save your life. This is important. When you discover something is harming your health it is your responsibility preserve your health and stop doing what is harming you. Stop being brainwashed by the bra industry into believing you need to wear bras. They are for fashion only, they cause breasts to droop and become weak, they cause cysts and pain and cancer. This is a good reason to kick the bra habit.

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