Haier’s Deep Freezer Range – a modern day kitchen essential

Deep Freezers are soon becoming an essential component at most household kitchens today. The household deep freezers available in the markets today come in compact sizes which can easily fit into the kitchen and can store large volumes of food. A deep freezer adds another yet dimension to any household and greatly increases cold food storage, and keeps food fresh and free from becoming sour.Haier

Catering to this changing needs of the customers, Haier’s household deep freezers come in a capacity of 100ltrs and 148ltrs that are designed to suit individual storing needs. The new dynamic deep freezer comes with a single compartment with spacious cabinets that can stock more food items. The freezer comes with a Super Freeze function on the control panel that helps in reducing the temperature to -180 to -210 degrees thereby enabling faster cooling. With unique features and design that fits in snuggly in any household, Haier’s deep freezers helps preserve the quality of food stored as well as prevent the wastage of food.

Price : 

100Litres- 12500


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