Girls Night Out in India – Food Ideas!

Had a bad day? Has the weekend just answered your prayers by arriving? Feel like having fun? Your girls night out in is just a few calls to your friends away! Cindy Lauper couldn’t have put it better, when she sang ‘Girls just wanna have fun.’

So, once you have your romcoms, games, gossip, popcorn and drinks ready, what’s left? The food! No fun is ever complete without food. Here are a few ideas for the right food for the mood that can get your night ready and waiting for you to enjoy!


What could be better than a classic fondue? You could go slow and easy with a pot of melting cheese with bread, veggies and/or sausages or kick-start the night with strawberries in chocolate. And just as your talks won’t get over, your wine glasses and forks won’t be empty all night!

Finger Foods

This category could include a wide variety of lip-smacking snacks all night from chip and dip, crackers with olives and cheese and canapés to tiny sandwiches, little quiches and chicken fingers. Dress up, go elegant, go creative and go enjoy with cocktails to keep the savouries company.

Pizza & Pasta

If you’re pulling out your comfy pyjamas and socks to curl up in, nothing helps you unwind faster than some comforting mac n cheese or pasta or a great big pizza to snuggle up around and dig into. Spoil yourself silly with fizzy drinks here.

Fried Foods

Forget weight gain fears for a night and take a leaf from the boys’ book. Heap your platter with sausages, nuggets, chicken fingers, and other fried chicken snacks and french fries. Top up the calories with beer and finish by cramming gooey chocolatey brownies.

Packet Noodles

Surprisingly nothing proves to be more comforting than a good old bowl of packet noodles. Try out packet noodles like Maggi, Wai Wai, Koka and Chings that come in a wide variety of flavours and use your imagination to make interesting additions and spice it up!

Nothing lifts your mood like friends, fun and good food! So lie back, stretch and feel the pleasure catching on to you…..your girls night is here!

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