From Kristen Bell To Anne Hathaway, Hollywood Celebs Are Ditching Their Long Hair For A Lob Cut

Looks like the lob cut is the new order of the day in Hollywood with more and more celebrities embracing the look. Bella Hadid, Mira Kunis, Ashley Graham, Kristen Bell and Anne Hathaway, all have jumped into the “lob- cut” or “long bob cut” bandwagon.

Kristin Bell is the latest convert. Have a look at her new “look”-

Bell’s new cut is is three to four inches shorter than what she’s been sporting lately. Her go-to celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho even went on to post the transformation via a timelapse video on Instagram.

Anne Hathaway also shared her lob cut (long bob) recently, though her ends aren’t much shorter than what she used to sport earlier. She captioned her post,

#TFW you’re at the photo shoot and @hairbyadir freshed up your ends and @beau_nelson made your brows do something cool and Malibu is just being Malibu so you take selfie and what was I talking about doesn’t matter byeeeeeee.”

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