Fabulous Formula: How To Break The Worry Habit

What is worry? It is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. You were not born with the worry habit. You acquired it. And because you can change any habit and any acquired attitude, you can cast worry from your mind.Why should you take the worrying so seriously? The reason is clearly stated by Dr.Smily Blanton eminent psychiatrist: ‘Anxiety is the great modern plague.’ And we women worry about so many things from our bodies to children to financial stress and the list goes on.

Norman Vincent Peale,the father of positive thinking has designed a list of ten points worry-breaking formula.Take a look.tumblr_mfc5vdbtXA1rjtigto1_500

1) Say To Yourself: ‘Worry is just a bad mental habit.And I can change any habit with god’s help.’

2) You can become a worrier by practising worry. You can become free of worry by practising the opposite and stronger habit of faith. With all the strength and perseverance you can command,start practising faith.tumblr_np5w4nkq8t1t5z56do1_500

3) How you practise faith? First thing every morning before you arise you say out loud: ‘I believe’, three time.

4)Pray using this formula: ‘I place this day,my life,and loved ones,my work in the Lords’hand.

5) Practise saying something positive concerning everything about which you have been talking negatively. Talk positively.tumblr_ne11gi33bG1qc4uvwo1_500

6) Never participate in a worry conversation. Shoot an injection of faith into all your conversation.

7) One reason you are a worrier is that your mind is literally saturated with apprehension thoughts, defeat gloomy thoughts.tumblr_nby9l93UHS1tkxxq7o1_400

8) Cultivate friendship with hopeful people. Surround yourself with people who think positive,faith, producing positive thoughts and creative atmosphere. This will keep you re-stimulated with faith attitudes.

9) See how many people you can help to cure their own worry habit. In helping another to overcome worry you get greater power over it withing yourself.

10) Every day of your life conceive of yourself as living in partnership and companionship with God.If he actually walked by your side,would you be worried or afraid? Well,then say to yourself:’He is with me.’

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