Enjoy at home with these natural summer coolers

With summers approaching, everyone has started using ceiling fans and ACs to keep them cool at home. After enjoying all the coolness of these appliances, one’s in for a heart attack after looking at the electricity bill.

Not to worry anymore about electricity bill, this season enjoy the services of natural and inexpensive ways to keep you and your house cool.

1.Light up those drapes

Ensure that you have light-colored curtains, drapes, blinds at home. Light colored fabrics reflect away the harsh sunlight and heat unlike dark-colored ones which absorb heat.

2.Take pleasures in fluorescents

It’s better to turn off luminescent lights and heat-generating appliances. Instead, you could use fluorescent lighting; they consume less energy and heat. (Turn off the computers, monitors and television when it is not in use)

3.Pour water on the terrace

Top floor flats are always more warm. If possible, you can pour water on the terrace area of your top roof in the evening, so that it remains cool during the night.

4.Indoor plantation

To prevent excess sunlight entering in your house, you can keep some plants in flower pots, in the grill outside your windows, lots of green money plant, Tulsi, Croton (one of the most colorful evergreen shrub that we grow indoor). Water the plants regularly both morning and evenings. Maintain them very well to avoid insects and other dirty things.

5.Dried Vettiver grass

Dried Vettiver grass is a natural coolant. You can get these mats in some local market. Hang these mats to your windows and sprinkle water from time to time. The hot air passes through this mat and it gets cooled and your room will be cool in few minutes. Also a nice fragrance spreads the room.

So with all these tips, enjoy the summer sun at your cool place!!!

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