Most Effective Skin treatments for harsh Indian summers

Scorching sun, heat waves leaves an ugly impact on our skin making it look dull, tanned, patched and parched. Here are some of the easy treats to follow and have a glowing skin all throughout the season.

Nourish your skin with oils

Avocado, olive or coconut oils are best source of Vitamin C and E. The most exposed area to the sun is face and hands but mostly affected are elbows, knees, and ankles. Application of oils on daily basis is recommended to maintain the smooth, baby like skin and help flaunt them in sleeveless tops.

Keep the skin hydrated

During summers, the body gets dehydrated often in about 3-4 hours and excessive heat causes the oil glands to secrete extra oil. Thus we are left with dirty and dull skin by end of day. Keeping the skin healthy, clean and glowing all throughout the day drink plenty of water and wash face with water as often as one can.

Natural Cleanser

Pimples, tanning and many other skin traumas arise in the summer. Treat them with natural remedies and cleanse on regular basis. Papaya is one of the most beneficial ingredients in skin treatments. Squash papaya and apply on the face, hands and feet and lave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water. Best application of this pack is best fruitful during the morning and evening before bedtime.

Routine life

Insufficient sleep and unhealthy lifestyle leaves a mark on the skin under eyes like dark circles. Avoid aerated drinks, late nights and junk food. A healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain a healthy skin.

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