Disha Patani Becomes The Butt Of Jokes On Twitter Because Of A Simple Copy-pasting Error

All hell broke loose when Disha Patani made some copy pasting error and posted a few words that should not have been a part of her promotional Instagram post’s caption. Disha posted a promotional video for a mobile phone brand on Instagram and everything was fine until people noticed a few words that should not have been there.
“Hey – the final video is here. Will mail you the high res video in something so please use that as the final video to be uploaded. Caption below,” these words were a part of the caption. The goof-up soon resulted in Feb actress being called an ‘advertising agency nightmare’ on social media.

The video is now deleted from the Instagram. However, Twitterati’s are still talking about it, and are posting their comments along with the snapshot of now deleted post. Have a look –





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