Disadvantages of Over Consumption of Protein Shakes

We live in a world where being fit is not just a lifestyle but more close to being a religion. We strive to take care of our bodies by constantly monitoring the food we eat, going for brief walks after meals, working out at the gym etc. The recent fad has been the advent of protein shakes.

Scientific studies place a good emphasis on the bodily requirement of proteins. We need a good amount of protein intake to repair the wear and tear of our body tissues. A woman on an average needs about 46 grams of protein daily. However, if the daily intake of protein is exceeded, it could cause you more harm than good.Protin Milk Shake

Disadvantages of Consumption of protein shakes

Most protein shakes contain a high concentration of proteins. Majority advertisers mention that they are fortified with tons of nutrients, minerals etc. However they lack the punch packed by a wholesome meal such as fibre, naturally occurring anti-oxidants, etc. It is for this purpose that meal replacement protein supplements are not advisable.

Another disadvantage of Consumption of Protein shakes is weight gain. This may come as a surprise to many as aggressive advertising has drilled in the notion –‘the more protein we consume, the more the weight loss’.Protein consumed in excess of this will be readily stored as fat in the body. Unknowingly indiscriminate consumption of such amount of protein may lead to multiple health problems.

A diet high in protein may cause bloating of the stomach and gastric problems. Bloating of the stomach is when the stomach may feel inflated and stuffed, giving one the feeling of having a tight belly.

  1. Protein shakes contain high amounts of protein which may lead to dehydration and thus contributing to the formation of Kidney Stones.

  2. Protein shakes that are not complimented with the use of organic foods, may give rise to constipation problems.

  3. Long term use of protein shakes could initiate the depletion of calcium from our bodies, thus causing osteoporosis.


Use protein shakes under the supervision of a good dietician. Based on your bodily requirements and the amount of physical activity you perform, the dietician would suggest the right amount of protein to be consumed by you.

Protein shakes are meant to supplement your bodily need for protein, not to replace your natural protein sources. Till then, eat smart, stay healthy!!

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