Diets to Follow before You Hit Gym

These days attending gym is very common among youngsters as well as mid-age persons. Why should not you keep yourself fit? But are you doing effective workouts? One of the most important and common reasons behind ineffective workouts is due to diet.

Here is the tip on the diet before you hit the gym:

Remember that never go for gym in an empty stomach. Because during workout body undergoes stress and it is not good for health. Also hitting the gym in a full stomach is not good. So basically you have to eat rightly at right time. Eat at least 1 hour before you go for workout.


Carbohydrates are easy source of fuel in body. So before you jump into gym and start working out you must have enough energy supply. Carbs are the most important source of energy. Get fruits like Banana, Apple. Banana is very good choice as it includes huge energy as well as minerals like Potassium. You can also try whole wheat or multigrain bread used Peanut butter sandwich/Bagel with honey.


Protein shakes are widely used before going into gym. But normal people don’t need it unless you are looking forward to be athlete. Get shakes in case your natural protein supply is not enough. Protein is something which builds the muscle mass.

Brown rice & Chicken

Those are hitting gym during evening or night hours a meal of brown rice and lean meat chicken is a nice diet. A medium bowl of rice and two piece of chicken will give you required 200-300 calories for the workout.

Heavy meal

This is not for everyone, those are diabetic before hitting the gym it is always good to have a heavy meal to supply fuels during work out. On normal person put a gap of 2-3 hours between a heavy meal and a workout session.

Drink Plenty

You will sweat a lot during work out, so have plenty of water at least before 40 minutes before the workout. With the loss of water you can not continue workout, you will get fatigued easily.


Curd/dahi comes with calcium and proteins and a bit of natural sugar and easy on stomach. So it would be nice diet before an intense workout regime. You can add honey, fruits or whole grain cereals to have energy boost.

Image Source : Steven Depolo

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