Deepika Padukone’s Top 3 Beauty Secrets

She is Bollywood’s number one actress these day’s. She has one of the best bodies in the film industry and her flawless skin adds so much to her enviable athletic frame. We are talking about none other than glam-girl Deepika Padukone. Are you wondering what makes this leggy lady ‘India’s most beautiful woman’ read on as she reveals her beauty secrets!Deepika

On her Fitness :

“I believe in leading very healthy lifestyle. I love my sleep and try catching up on it whenever I can. The first thing I do when I wake up is I keep myself in a peaceful state of mind, with a very little disturbance or sound nearby. I then do my yoga, pranayams, and suryanamaskar and get ready for my day ahead. My trainer in Mumbai gets me to work out rigorously and as much I hate hitting the treadmill, I have to resort to that whenever I am traveling on a shoot. It’s always better to be out in open air than in some hotel gym on a treadmill.

Skin Regime:

“Many people are unaware of the effects of the sun on their skin and if I had to pick a product I use the most, it would have to be my sunscreen. Neutrogena comes out with an excellent one and I feel it suits my skin the best since it isn’t greasy. I love my hair oiling too but nowadays I find very little time for that”.

Spa Junkie:

I am a spa junkie and whenever I am in Mumbai, I end up going to different spas there. I can’t do without my deep tissue and pressure point massage. I have tried acupressure but now want to try acupuncture.”

Credits : Hello Magazine


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