Deepika Padukone style tips for her fans

Are you a Deepika Padukone fan? Do you know that Deepika fans are now once again flocking to the movie theatres? With the release of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Deepika has once again left her fans gaping at her fresh, energetic beauty. There are many young girls and women who desire to look like Deepika. Here are some beauty and style tips from Deepika Padukone for her fans.

Skin care:

Deepika follows a skin care routine that involves mild cleansing. She uses basics like moisturisers and lip balm. She prefers neutral foundation. But taking off the make up before going to bed is a must for this lady.


Deepika works whenever she gets time. She does light weight lifting and cardio training.

Shoes and clothes:

The lady loves wearing saree. Surely it highlights her slim waist. She loves wearing jootis from Jaipur. Clothes should be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in any clothing, it clearly shows on your face.

Daily make-up:

For daily wear Deepika goes for satin taupe, quarry and charcoal brown eye shadows. The peachy brown lipstick is something that she prefers for daytime. For the night she prefers combinations like scarlet red lipstick with black gowns. Deepika picks up MAC makeup items for her skin.

Hair style:

Deepika loves her hair to show large elegant curls, clipped up hallway when it is left down. In other occasions she gets her hair tied in a large bun.

Shopping destinations:

Deepika prefers to shop from London, Singapore and Dubai.
Style statement: According to Deepika style depends on mainly body type. Known what looks good on your body.

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