Deepika Padukone Describes Bollywood Films In A Video For Vogue. Check It Out

Recently, Deepika Padukone got featured in US Vogue alongside Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson and South Korean actor Doona Bae.

Vogue also released a video clip on social media handles, where leading actors from 14 different nationalities such as Nigeria, India, Iceland, US and France, among others, have spoken about what a typical film’s storyline is like in their respective countries. Vogue posted the video with caption,

“Don’t touch that dial, ladies and gentlemen-it’s time for Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood Squared! Get to know a bevy of the world’s most famous actresses in a good old-fashioned game show format.”

In the video, Deepika is seen describing a typical Bollywood movie with a speck of humour. She is seen saying,

“Boy and girl meet. The minute they look at each other, there’s electricity; they fall in love and all of a sudden, the bad guy enters and he is ready to destroy their future. Part 1.”

Have a look-

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