Stress Relief at Home: Create Your Own Home Spa

To manage stress, it is important to have self-care. And spa experience is a wonderful stress reliever. But visiting a spa can be a pricey business. Well, point is you can make your own spa at your home. Having a spa means you are following a low-stress lifestyle.There are many articles on the internet which can help you to create your home spa. You can do plenty of stuffs to transform your bathroom into a place to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. First of all you need time – an uninterrupted period of 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can keep your mobile phones silent to get the privacy.

Stress Relief at Home

Now time to accessorize your bathroom.Get an enough supply of soft towels, robe, sponges, and brushes. Scrubbing your body drenched in warm water will help to stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells and in the end your skin will feel healthy and soft. Also give some treat to your feet – have loofah, body brush. You are having a luxurious bath, right? Try aromatherapy soaps and moisturising oils to soothe you.

The skin around the eyes shows marked signs of exhaustion. Please the skin over there with the easiest homemade solution – place a cucumber slice on the eyes for 15 minutes, while a face pack is applied on your face.After the tub care apply a rich conditioning cream or body lotion to your body, polish your nails with a coat. These will help you to feel more pampered during the spa treatments.

Massage is a must in an outdoor spa, but while you are enjoying home spa, you may take help of your partner or simply use self-massager machine. And don’t forget to treat your senses to the spa treatment.So before the spa starts, make your sound system ready. Without music, no home spa is complete. Choose your personal soundtracks – may be instrumental. But don’t choose rock music when you are having spa. Also, don’t underestimate lighting as stress reliever. So have dim lights on, while scented candles will give your home an exclusive spa environment.

Now it is advised that you have a spa treatment at least twice in a month. And never feel guilty about taking some time for yourself – you deserve it!

Image source: Dennis Wong

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