Cover Wars : Who looks HOT Anushka or Priyanka?

Two fierce looks, two strong covers of december magazines and two insanely hot women.

Gracing the cover of Grazia with a black and white photograph, Priyanka looks stunning! The sheer black dress, the messy hair to one side and a super killer look, there is not one thing we can point out as a flaw here.who is hotter anushka or priyanka

And wearing a golden, cut out swim suit, Anushka Sharma looks smooooking on GQ! And to add to the hotness are the expressions of this former model are perfect to the T.

And now we come to the big question. Who looks hotter? Priyanka, in the super sexy sheer dress, or Anushka in the dangerously hot swim suit? This one’s a toughie!

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