Comfort Food After Sex. Which Is Your Favourite?

On the condition of anonymity, WSL reached out to a few women across the country and asked then what’s their favourite food after sex and why. We loved the answers and we’re pretty sure you will too!

– Cheesy, Anything Cheesy!

“It’s almost like I need to compensate my body with the calories lost during sex.”


– Strong Coffee

“One does tend to get sleepy after sex, but I hate that. I want to keep myself as awake as possible, just in case we do a Round 2. ;)”Coffee

– Masala Chips

“I’m usually very lazy after sex and most often just want to mindlessly munch. I sit there like a slob, eating my masala chips. Quite a contrast from what I am during sex.”Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.07.56 pm

– Chocolates

“Sex drains energy you know!”


– Big Junk

“I don’t always eat after sex, but on days I am hungry, I usually order in home delivery right before sex. And not just a small thing. I usually order a pizza, or a monster burger or butter chicken or something along those likes. It’s like a prize from myself, to myself, for awesome sex. :P”

– Cake/Cookies

“I almost always have cake or cookies at my house and on the days I do, I make sure I stay on top durng sex so I can eat a cake or cookie guilt free after sex.”


– Salad/Fruits

I hate exercise and rarely do so. No way I’m piling on calories after my one and only form of exercise.

– Refreshing Drink

“I usually sip on a refreshing cool drink like a lemonade or ice tea. All the gasping for air can leave one’s mouth dry.”Peach Ice Tea

– A Shot, But Before

“Not always, but occasionally, I love to take a shot (or two, or three) right before sex. Sex, when a little tipsy is always fun!”

– Whipped Cream/Strawberries, But Not After

“When you say sex and eating good food, why would you do the two separately? I enjoy a little whipped cream or a few strawberries DURING sex.”Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.12.24 pm


– No Food Here

“You’re in bed, exhausted from awesome sex, why would you get up? I just cuddle up and snooze away.”

Ladies, you tell us, what is your favourite food afters sex? We’d love

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