Quick Glance on Organic Holi Colours vs Synthetic Holi Colours

When the festival of Holi nears, the first thing that comes to our mind is Colours. There has been a lot of talk in town about the colours being used during Holi and how it impacts us. Especially for us females, the use of certain nasty Synthetic colours can be very damaging to the hair, skin and nails that we take so much care of.

Synthetic colours are also adulterated at times and can contain lead and arsenic which are poisonous. Also, synthetic colours may lead to skin reactions, rash etc. Not only that, but they may also cause your skin to become hypersensitive to the sun.Significance of Holi in India

Synthetic Holi colours are often adulterated

Green Colour: Copper sulphate compound is green in colour and may cause temporary blindness

Silver Colour: Synthetic colour adulterated with aluminium bromide, a cancer causing agent.

Red Colour : Gulal may be adulterated with mercury sulphite.

Use of mercury sulphite can cause skin cancer, paralysis and even mental retardation.

Purple: Synthetic colour may be adulterated with chromium iodide which can cause asthma.

The solution is organic colours

Organic colours are derived from vegetables, fruits and leaves which secrete a natural hue. Not only are they safe but they may also have some beneficial effects. Organic colours are free from any allergic reaction causing substances and since they are derived from natural sources, they are compatible with your skin. Organic colours can be made at the convenience of your home. And just in case you don’t find the time to do so, you can order it online.

So go ahead ladies and try out herbal colours for a change. And you will save yourself a great deal of misery and enjoy holi to the fullest.

Have a safe holi!!!

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