Buying Real Alphonso – Tips

The Alphonso mango has rightfully occupied a place in our hearts as the king in the world of fruits. Choosing right kind of mango’s can be a task at times.Here’s is our hunt for the real mangos!

Choosing the right mango:

 You need to decide when you wish to have the mango. If it is after 4-5 days then your go for an under-ripe one. If it is within a day or two go for the ripe one.Mangos

Smell the fruit :

The fruit that is ripe gives fruity aroma that smells sweet. You get the aroma at the stem of the fruit. If it smells very strong it must be an over-ripe one.


Squeeze to see if the skin gives in even slightly under the pressure of your finger. If it gives in too much it must be over-ripe. Fourth, the mango skin tells you if it is ripe. The yellow-reddish colour tells that fruit is ripe.

Buy under-ripe mango:

keep  under riped mangos with an apple or banana. The other fruits will accelerate there the ripening of the mango. Or, you can also ripen an under-ripe mango by keeping it in a paper bag in room temperature.

Don’t buy in Bulk:

Buying mangoes in bulk results in the spoiling of many mangoes. You can surely not consume several mangoes in a short while. So storing mangoes takes space in the fridge and ultimately the mangoes get spoilt. Sheer wastage of money, isn’t it?

Buy Home Grown Mango :

It is always better to place order to friends and relatives who are into the mango business or own a farm where mangoes are grown. This is preferable because you don’t get mangoes that have pesticides sprayed on them. It’s equivalent to buying organic mangos.  Buying mangoes from friends also keeps your wallet happy.

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