Burgundy Box Review: Get Delicious Meal Box To Your Door

Who doesn’t love the meal arriving at the doorstep with tempting aromas and beautifully packed boxes? Everybody does. Especially, we women. We women most of the times are stuck with planning and preparation of meals throughout the day. As we all know meal kits come to our rescue from shopping for ingredients and they save much of our time. So, we tried Burgundy Box’s DIY meal kits. The Burgundy Box guys are making our lives easier by crafting DIY meal kits for us. Let’s take a look at our take on Burgundy Box.p_20160920_212504

At first, we tried:

Vilayati Kadai Subz with laccha parathaimg_20160921_212351

1. The first thing what we noticed was a well-packed box which was delivered at our doorstep.
2. All the ingredients used were super fresh.
3. The process of the recipe is mentioned step by step on the recipe card. Even a person who doesn’t cook would understand it nicely.
4. With recipe nicely presented on the recipe card, you can be sure about what you’re consuming.
5. Hassle free experience. No need for self-preparation of food.p_20160920_212718

1. The size of the paratha can be worked upon as they were thick.

Price: Rs 410

Next, we tried was:
Subz Amber Biryani.p_20160920_213008

1. The Biryani taste was absolutely perfect.
2. Quantity was sufficient.
3. Value for money.

No cons at all. Perfect and amazing Biryani.

Price: Rs 160

Burgundy Box also delivers the meal kits of Manchurian Dumplings to Malwani Chicken Curry to Italian dishes like Salads. We are amazed at their array of food recipes and yummy meal kits.

We definitely recommend Burgundy Box to our readers. So, no matter if you’re stressed out or lazy enough to not to walk down the lane, the Burgundy Box is the perfect place to order your food at home.

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