The Big Sexy Question ?

We often compare ourselves with others and complain about our skin, hair, and body. So many times I have seen my friends looking at others and saying, “OMG she has such a beautiful skin, I just love her hair or she is so sexy!!”

With so many questions going in our mind, there is one thing that bother’s almost every woman – “AM I SEXY?” Does one have to try to look sexy? Are we not comfortable in your own skin?

So, what are the things that female struggle the most? Now on you can look sexy and feel beautiful every day. Wondering how?

Follow these simple steps.

Rule No 1 – Find someone you find sexy
For me, there was a girl her name was Christina. She used look like a bomb. She was into aerial silk, dancing, socializing and yes traveling all over the world. So, what I did was at least tried to do half of the things, which Christina did. I can proudly say today, I am into yoga, I go dancing and I am a fantastic cook.Sonam

Rule No 2 – Follow your passion
I did everything that my friends couldn’t do while managing their jobs. If I was stuck at my job I couldn’t have all the above things, which I am doing today. Believe me I have even traveled the world and my friends still struggle to take weekend breaks. 😉workout

Rule No 3 – Work Out
Working out is great! It releases endorphins, which makes you happy and being happy makes you confident. So to put it simply, confidence makes you feel SEXY!.

That’s about it girls. Just follow these things and feel the difference in your life. What are the things you do to feel good about yourself? Just drop a line in below comment because we love to hear from you.

13 thoughts on “The Big Sexy Question ?

  1. Work-out is a must-do thing, but this winter season doesn’t let me leave my blanket..
    So it becomes tough these days !!!

  2. to be confident and get fiited in the clothes u r wearing…wear red lipstick wherever u go..dat makes u feel sexy and bold…

  3. work out is d best option to look sexy ..havng proper schedule makes u confident
    olso takng care of ur skin nd hair is must ..;) bcz grls look perfct nd sexy with der hair nd glowing skin 🙂

  4. Find someone you find sexy,Follow your passion,and workout….this will give you confidence.Confidence will make you look and feel sexy

  5. be what you are..and dont compare urself with comfortable in what u r wearing…this make me feel sexy and diff from others..

  6. Basically we must do what makes us feel happy.Take up a new hobby,get out of your comfort zone to make ourself grow.This gives us confidence. ..which feel sexy

  7. I Guess To Look Sexy Its Not Important To Opt For Skin Show Or Flauntin Body..To Be Sexy 1 Must Be Sexy Enough To show The Inner Confidence N Boldness To Face The World Evn If U wear A Suit 😉

  8. Being sexy comes from inside. Confidence is the key. Firstly idolize someone and do things that you like in them. Then follow your passion. There’s nothing more sexy than doing things that you love. Lastly sweat. A lot. It’ll make you feel sexy inside out!

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