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Author: Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life
He is funny, young, caring and great in bed… Boys in their mid-20s have their own charm Boys when reach the age of mid-20s or late 20s are quite groovy and fun to hang around. Maturing to become a man, it can be overwhelming for some women to be around them and form relationships. Love […]

Maxi Love in Vogue For Summer

In Fashion
On May 21, 2014
Thinking of wardrobe necessities this summer? Switch your evening short dresses with the maxi dress. This long silhouette will highlight your lovely bodice in more grace and style. Prints, floral, stripes, bold colours with slits and defining necklines are ideal for the summer style. Here are six occasions to wear a maxi dress and stay […]
Woman encapsulates a man’s world, adorning him with her affection, dedication and compassion. The famous saying, “behind every successful man, there is a woman”. This line is quite prevalent in today’s global world. WSL spoke with 5 men who are from distinct professions, they share with us how apart from their mothers, other woman have […]
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