Anushka Sharma for Code by Lifestyle

When India’s leading fashion destination Lifestyle decides to tremor the fashion world with its latest womenswear brand ‘Code’, who else can flaunt them the best than the newsmaker of the Bollywood? It is ‘Virat Kohli girl Anushka Sharma’ signed up to become the Brand ambassador of Code.Anushka Sharma

With her charismatic persona and flawless sense of style, Anushka perfectly embodies the casual, yet trendy outfits of Code that suits the everyday women of today. “The brand goes with my personal style,” said the actress in a statement.

The brand will soon roll out its summer collection campaign ‘Live by your Code’. The makers of Code promises it to refresh the wardrobes of urban women, revitalizing their spirits. Aiming at urban female of 25-30 years age group, summer collection brings out new fashion statements in denims, color blocking and delicate lace detailing.

Available across all Lifestyle stores, the range is priced between Rs. 899 and Rs. 4,599.

Check out the exciting collection shoot with Anushka Sharma in this video.

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