Alia Bhatt’s 12 Best Looks – Short Girls Fashion Inspiration

With Alia Bhatt’s birthday on 15th March, we break down a few of her looks and take inspiration from her for short girls’ fashion.

1. The Blue Goddess
The high waist clincher helps keep the bottom half of the gown longer and coupled with a flowy silhouette and thigh high split, this is a fantastic option for any short girl when it comes to gowns.The Blue Goddess

2. Crop Top And Shorts
The crop top gives the illusion of a longer lower body and the short shorts showing off the legs only add to it, making the legs too, seem longer. And on a side note, we’re loving how she’s carrying off the prints with such confidence.Crop Top And Shorts

3. Casual In Black
We’re really liking this casual, black, button down short on Aliaa. Not only is the length of it making her legs look longer, but the sleek ponytail and ‘v neck’ are also complimenting the whole look.Casual In Black

4. A Happy Maxi
There are two smart things about this maxi dress. The first one is the placement of the belt at high waist giving Alia a longer lower body and second is the smart colour blocking which makes the yellow panel thinner, thereby making it look longer.A Happy Maxi

5. Classic Black Gown
The thigh high split and the length of the dress are adding heaps on to the entire look. Also, we love how the dress in itself is relatively simple, but Alia adds to it with her hair and make up.Classic Black Gown

6. The Regal Black Gown
When it comes to shorts girls and fashion, there’s a lot that silhouette can do and that’s exactly what Alia has played up over here. With no break point or focal point on her gown, it runs along in one straight manner making it look longer. We also love how there’s a little, but not too much drama in the flare of the skirt. Just perfect.The Regal Black Gown

7. Vision In White
Ah! The good ol’ long legs coupled with a well fitted skirt can really make one seem taller and more slender. The full, arm hugging sleeves also add to the overall ‘lean’ feel of this dress.Vision In White

8. Dungree Kind Of Day
Most short girls would be hesitant to wear dungarees with the fear of looking like a child, but Alia pays no heed to that, and we love it! She is young and she plays that up and carries the look off with so much confidence!Dungree Kind Of Day

9. Print It Up
Intense prints can be overwhelming on a short person, but Alia plays it right with this heavily printed dress. There’s a focal point at empire waist again, making the lower body look longer, a point that always works for short girlsPrint It Up

10. Vintage Chic
Mid length or knee length skirts rarely get the nod from short girls because they can make one look stunted. However, Alia keeps things smart by pairing it with a crop top and we love the big flare on the skirt. And PS, we’re digging the round shadesVintage Chic

11. One Gorgeous Pink
Let us take a moment to take in this look ‘cause the Bhatt girl looks drop dead gorgeous. Not one to let the big dress take over, she held her own in the look. And this is why we love her. She’s short, but cares two hoots! Nothing is going to stop this girl from wearing what she wants to!One Gorgeous Pink

12. Inspired by the 50s

Alia takes on the 50s with an adorable black and white dress with an interesting lower half. Brownie points to the girl for going the whole way with the hair and shoes and make up.Inspired by the 50s

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