Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor inaugurate short film festival ‘Shuruaat Ka Interval’

This week, we had a chance to catch up with the young Bollywood diva, Alia Bhatt, when she came down to PVR Juhu for the launch of an Indian short film-festival called ‘ShuruaatKa Interval’ early Wednesday night.

Accompanied by accomplished director Imtiaz Ali, the casually-clad starlet was every bit a stunner even in her blue jeans, ‘Being Human’ tee and a matching baseball cap. She was there to support the premiere of eight short films chosen for screening that evening. These films have been mentored by Ace directors – Anand Gandhi, Vrikamaditya Motwane, Imtiaz Ali and Vikas Bahl, all of whom were present at the event.

In her usual gusto, Alia was more than happy to show her enthusiasm for the upcoming genre of short films. “It takes someone very intelligent to make a film of a few minutes that will leave an impact on the audience. If you ask my father to make a short film, it will be impossible for him. Here we try making two-hour films hoping that it will have an emotional impact on the viewers. While in short films, the story takes another level in just a few minutes.”

Her flamboyance and exuberance was unmistakeable, and we asked if it had to do with Ranbir Kapoor’s scheduled arrival later that evening. She blushed and said, “I’m a hungry dog when it comes to acting and I feel like I’ll have a lot to learn from him. I look forward to working with him soon.”

With her dimpled smile that melts many a hearts, the feisty actress wished us a ‘Happy Independence Day’ and dashed into the auditorium to catch a glimpse of the movies scheduled for screening.

‘Shuruaat Ka Interval’ is a short film festival organized by Humara Movie and PVR Director’s Rare and will be showcased in PVR Cinemas on Friday, Independence Day.

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