Alia Bhatt’s Body-Sculpting Pilates Workout—Watch the Video!

Alia Bhatt has one super hot little body and the secret behind her beautiful body is Pilate workout. The superstar has been continuously training with Bollywood’s famous Yasmin Karachiwala, and certainly shows her hard work is totally paying off. Alia today posted a video on Instagram and she said, “Hanging splits on the WUNDA CHAIR.” ❤️ @yasminkarachiwala #PilatesMakesMeHappy #TheHealthyLife

The actress has been posting her Pilate workout videos from a long time. We are a fan of her workout routine and she clearly gives us #FitnessGoals. Alia loves leg workout and you can see this in a video posted below. She says, “Short spine – My fav exercise on the reformer!! Opens up the back and super core activation…Love love love Pilates!” #Pilates❤️ #tuesdaymotivation @yasminkarachiwala #TheHealthyLife ?

Alia says,”@yasminkarachiwala is loving my “under the weather hoodie look” I should totally win star of the month for working out when am not well Yas!!!” #TrueStory #PIlatesMakesMeHappy

Way to go Alia “When you make up your mind that you’re going to do something, you can do anything!”

Game on!

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