Actress And SIT Founder Chhavi Mittal Busts The Five Most Common Myths Around Pregnancy

Actress Chhavi Mittal is pregnant with her second baby. The 34 year old actress, who married director Mohit Hussein in 2005 is mother to a cute daughter named Areeza born in 2012. She is expecting her second baby in May.

Being an active Instagram met, Chhavi’s pregnancy tips that she shared on Instagram come handy to all the moms-to-be. In one of her posts, she busted the five most common myths around pregnancy that most women believe to be true.

Chhavi went on to share the following picture with her baby bump and wrote, “I’ve been reading all comments on my recent posts and really want to thank each one of you for the pouring love! However, there are certain myths about pregnancy that I’d like to address today.”

Myth 1: Pregnancy Is All About Resting

Chhavi writes “No. Pregnancy is not an illness, unless you make it one specifically by resting and being lazy. Lack of exercise is known to cause a variety of problems in any kind of person. Pregnancy is the time to look after yourself even more than others.”

Myth 2: Pregnancy Means No Workout

Chhavi writes, “Well. For somebody who has never done yoga, it can actually be harmful! I had a slip-disc while attempting yoga with an expert trainer! Is that a chance I’d like to take when I’m pregnant? Hell no! I’m a gym freak, and if I stop gymming suddenly, it will do me more harm than good. Hence, no matter how hard it is, I strive to stay fit and healthy. For people who are generally not exercising, simple walks will go a long way.”

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A lot of you have been asking me what I eat in a day. Honestly there's no hard and fast rule that I follow. I don't like to deprive myself of cravings, and I don't like to overdo sin. That's my motto. I drink a lot of water and during pregnancy have reduced my coffee to only half a teaspoon (upto 200mg a day is allowed though) However, I'm trying to put down a few pointers in case it helps you! 1.Pre-breakfast: Smoothie. It has 1 banana, greek yoghurt, flaxseeds,chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass powder, coconut oil, muesli, dates, berries (whatever's available) and sometimes organic cocoa. 2. Breakfast: 2 stuffed paranthas with butter/ 2 whole eggs with cheese/ oats/ pancakes/ sandwich 3. Mid-morning: 1 of those jaggery and dry fruit laddoos and coffee 4. Lunch: dal, veg (whatever's cooked), 2 rotis, salad 5. Evening snack: mostly nothing. I start feeling fuller at this time after all the hogging 6. Dinner (at 7ish): Chicken/mutton with 2 rotis and salad. Post dinner is the toughest time, and many times I give in to ice-cream! My fav is Missisippi mudpie from @baskinrobbins .I can eat buckets & buckets of this one! In the event that I sleep late, which is extremely rare, I drink half a cup of milk sweetened with dates. Did this help you my fellow pregnant mommies? #diet PC: @gouritonnk21 Tap for sportswear deets ___________________________ #pregnancydiet #dieting #fitness #pregnancyfitness #chhavimittal #mothers #pregnantmom #healthydiet #health #healthy

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Myth 3: Pregnancy Is All About Eating Ice cream

“Please I beg of you don’t! Eat what is good for you, not junk. And sugar is worse than cocaine, so switching to healthier options, or simply cutting it down will reduce your chances of gestational diabetes and your baby’s chances of being diabetic. Besides unnecessary weight gain can lead to problems during your 3rd trimester & delivery. And you’re not eating for 2! Your baby is getting all nutrition from your body, you’re just eating for yourself!,” writes Chhavi.

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Pregnancy… That special time when everybody around you should make you feel special… Love you, pamper you… You're carrying another life inside you, bearing discomfort … Immense discomfort, physical restrictions, eating restrictions, socialising restrictions and whatnot …. And working women who are putting this added physical as well as emotional pressure on yourselves, take a minute and pat yourselves on the back! Coz your own pat is the most important. Coz that's what'll make you smile and make you proud .. like I feel today. I feel proud of myself when my baby kicks my insides hard, when I can't sleep in the nights because of one leg going numb, because I find simple things like tossing and turning and walking so difficult! And I feel proud of myself when inspite of all that I continue with my daily responsibilities with a smile on my face. So my dear pregnant woman, take a breather and feel proud of all that you do, all that you're currently doing … And if there is anybody who is ill-treating you or hurting you or making you feel any less special than you deserve to be … Now is the time to let them go from your life forever .. coz apart from all that Pregnancy is, it is also a test for all others around you… A deciding test whether they love you and deserve you or not! Cheers to a happy present and a happier future with a happier, stronger you! #motivation _______________________________ #pregnantwoman #pregnant #pregnantmother #chhavimittal #thoughts #strongwomen #strongwomandobongsoon #strong #strength #strengthofawoman

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Myth 4: Listen To Everyone’s Advice

Busting this myth, the actress says, “Please listen to your bodies first. Every pregnant mother knows her body best. If you don’t feel right about something, don’t do it.”

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When I was little, there were no mobiles, no computers, not even landlines. I remember we were the first ones in our locality to get a computer (it was huge!) And a landline. All our neighbours used to recieve their calls in our house. I'd be running as a child to the baju-walas house to call them because someone telephoned for them! Still remember, our phone number was 3211. (Remember @shivendumittal ?) From that day to this, when we have all sorts of gadgets to do our work for us.. with AI taking control in most areas… What is the one thing that I want to teach my own child. TO BE GROUNDED. Ever since I had my first, I stopped using high end branded products, unreasonably expensive clothes.. and living an overly fancy lifestyle. @mohithussein and I prefer taking her out to gardens and beaches instead of malls. We teach her to give away toys and clothes, we try to teach her to not 'horde' things (she still does sometimes, she's only 6)… But no matter what you want to teach your child, you HAVE to practice what you preach. I can't watch a film in front of her and tell her she shouldn't! Or eat junk and tell her it's bad! So I try to lead by example. Now with the new arrival coming soon (God there's hardly 2 months left) the pressure is building. After all, isn't parenting just about the hardest thing in the world? #parenting ____________________________ #parent #parents #motherhood #pregnancy #father #mother #fatherhood

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Myth 5: Learn From Others Pregnant Women

Chhavi busts this myth by telling, “Please don’t ape another pregnant woman. Just because she can, doesn’t mean you can. Again, listen to your bodies & don’t blindly follow a pregnancy workout video/ yoga video etc. Lastly, I would like to add that I’m not a doctor. So please don’t inbox me about medical problems. I’m only sharing my experience in the hope that it will benefit someone, but for the final word, turn to your doctor, please. Happy pregnancy ladies! #HappyilyPregnant.”

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