A BOYFRIEND On Katrina Kaif’s Mind?

Katrina Kaif has been single for quite some time now and if you think she got bored of being single, you are about right. She, in fact, wishes to be in a relationship again and we are not bluffing, she said so herself!

Recently, Katrina appeared in an episode of Famously Filmfare and spilled the beans on what she wants in 2019. One of her wishes, of course, was to have a boyfriend.

Katrina said,

“A Filmfare Award, A boyfriend, I don’t want to be single now and I want to have my own production company.”

Well, you go girl! We can’t wait for each of the three wishes of yours to come true!

Katrina was earlier in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor for about 5 years before the couple broke up. Ranbir Kapoor is currently dating Alia Bhatt, who is also known to share a great equation with Katrina. There were rumours of tension between the two bffs but they were soon thrashed by Katrina.

Katrina opened up on her break up in the past and reportedly said,

 “What human nature does is that when we have something, or someone, to focus on, we can also shift a lot of our attention there, so we are not really forced to look at ourselves in any great perspective. We’re able to kind of shift a lot of responsibility- on decisions, for happiness, for entertainment and motivation”.

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