7 Must have Fruits for a Healthy Summer

Daily dose of 2-3 types of fruits during summers is an easy way to stay fit and away from various diseases. Classic breakfasts or royal snacks present fruits as sign of richness. Imagine a scene with a glass of lemon or peach iced tea served with slice of watermelon, mango and berries sitting in your comfort zone, Ah life! Take some clues from top 7 summer fruits for a light and energized summer.


Pears have not been a favourite fruit; neither has it contained many nutritious values as other fruits. But this fruit is rich in fiber, more vitamin C, and little carbohydrates and calories. It is best taken at breakfast either raw or in cereal bowl or any other form which looks appeasing.


A mixed potent source of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes; pineapple is an all-body anti-inflammation cocktail. It protects against colon cancer, arthritis, and macular degeneration. A glass of pine juice or a dressing on salad, pineapple adds its health benefits in providing immunity at cough and cold, dehydration, healthy gums and most importantly helps improving digestion.


Juicy, sweet mangos are summers favourite fruit. Mango shake, sliced mango or desert it is a must have. Packed with vitamins A and C it adds a healthy dose of beta-carotene, which helps at keeping cancer at bay, along with healthy skin.


Watermelons are known as thirst quenchers. These are rich in antioxidants, low calories, high in minerals and vitamins. This juicy fruit helps in strengthening immunity, prevent cell damage, healing wounds, promote healthy teeth and gums, lowering cholesterol, maintaining diabetes.


Coconut, a multipurpose fruit is an essential in our daily life in form of coconut water to quest thirst, coconut milk to moisturise skin, coconut oil to nourish hair, so on and so forth.Regular consumption of coconut water helps in blood circulation, preventing excessive heat burns and also controls acidy.


Kiwi is the ultimate source of Vitamin C. Anti-oxidant, anti-flavanoids, and rich in fiber is a must inclusion in the fruit chart. It prevents asthma, wheezing and coughing, colon cancer and most important prevents eye diseases.


Peaches are best friend of skin. Adding slices of peaches in the fruit plate is very beneficial. Low in calories, controls cholesterol and is packed with high amount of minerals, vitamins, sodium and potassium. It is also good for dental diseases.

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