7 easy ways to get red hot lips !

Pout is in, is a hit and looks hot! Here are 7 ways to get perfect lip makeup! Remember, every detail matters! Remember, every detail matters!

Moist is must

Moist your lips so that the lipstick colour sets well. Cracked, peeled or chapped lips make the colour bleed and look uneven. Wearing bold colours requires a bit of maintenance and so don’t forget to moist your lips with a balm. After applying a lip balm, leave it for 10 minutes and after that damp it with a tissue. This exercise will give you a softer pout for the perfect red colour.

Lip Liner

At times, the lipstick wears off after you sip wine or eating confectionaries. To retain the colour, use a matching or same shade lip liner and carefully apply it on the edge of your lip.

Give me Red

Use a lip brush to apply the reds. By doing this, you can easily apply the lipstick. Precision is must if you are applying reds, because what really works are the contours. So, never apply reds directly. After applying reds, take a tissue and dab over your lips. This will soak the excess colour. Reapply the shade for maximum effect.

Conceal edges, avoid bleed or smudge to complete the look, dab concealer around the lip area. If you think it is looking too bright, take a lip brush and dab over your lips.This will ‘fix’ the lipstick over your lips. Lastly, with help of index finger, clean the lip area.

Pick the Right Shade

Red is the colour of love, poise and eccentricity. Be careful while selecting the colour shade to match up your pulsating persona.

Fair Skin

Classic Red Shade is the colour to compliment the whitish skin. While selecting the shade, avoid shades which contain hint of pink.

Medium Skin

Use a shade lighter than your skin tone which will give you a natural look and brighten your face. Darker shades of red suits the undertone. The burnt or rusted rose reds or brown base are some of the shades to try.

Dark Skin

Warmer shades of red or red with tint of orange gives the perfect red lip, one would die for. To get a Pop-Up lip, darker shade of red mixed with bright colour helps highlighting the pout.

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