6 ways to add freshness to your home

Just as you take good care of yourself to look your best, don’t you think your home needs some pampering too? Yes it does! Here are some simple tips that can help you give a refreshing look to your home. After all, happy home means happy you!


 Painting your walls, window panes and your furniture using bright colours is one the most cost effective way to give your house a pumped up look. Choose different colours for different rooms. There is nothing as magical as colours.

Use room freshener:Always keep you house clean and arrange things properly. Also, use a nice room freshener. Sweet smelling home is always inviting!


Apart from the traditional lights, play with different lights. Buy nice lamp shades, and colourful lamps. Different colours of light or hidden bulbs can give your house different and mystic look. Florescent tubes and bulbs are now passé, really.

Remodel your house:

Be bold and design your house in a unique way. Change the designing and furniture, think out of the box and re-do your house. Use different paintings, artefacts and wooden furniture to give your house that chic look.

Colourful curtains and sheets:

Change your old curtains now. Buy some nice and colourful curtains and bed sheets. Buy bright colours, floral prints or geographical designs. But make sure they go with you walls.

Brighten up with rugs and plants:

Buy attractive rugs and carpets. Buy good one for your living room. After all, first impression is the last one. Also, buy some indoor, easy-to-manage plants. This will give your house a different look.

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