5 Best Ways to Enjoy the Monsoons

Pitter-patter all day through. Monsoon is the season to enjoy too. Yes, with the monsoons ahead there are several things in life to be enjoyed. These are often simple moments that help us make good memories, memories where the rainwater influences the atmosphere.

River rafting

Monsoon is the time when you would love to take up challenges. River rafting is one sport that you can enjoy the most during the monsoons. Plan a trip to a river side with friends. This way you can enjoy both the river and the splash of the monsoons.river rafting


Trekking during the monsoons is quite exciting. While many people choose to stay indoors it is the best time to go for some trekking towards the Sahiyadri. Places around Mumbai like Malshej Ghat region, Lonavla and Nane Ghat regions and many other places in southern part of India like Kerala and Karnataka pamper the adventurous hearts during monsoons.Maharashtra Fort

Get drenched

There is nothing like enjoying the rain fall on your face. Nature has its unique charm and the rain proves it. Getting drenched with friends is fun as it helps to charge you up and feel refreshed. However, staying for long in wet clothes might lead you to catch fever or a bad cold.rain-india

Weekend picnic

Picnic with relatives or friends in the weekend is a wonderful way to take in the beauty of monsoon. Spending time in the open, touch of the cool grass against your skin feels great and helps you distress. Take some food outdoors like corn or food cooke3d from home.Onion Pakora

Tea-pakora party in a rainy evening

Tea with pakora is a lovely combination. Pakoras can be prepared out of cheese, onion, potato and even spinach. These crunchy snacks add flavour to your monsoon chats. Ginger tea tastes wonderful with pakoras.

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