5 Minute Breakfast Recipes

Ladies, you all know why you should never skip your breakfast. According to most of the dietician in the world women who have breakfast in the more morning, they burn more calories.  So if you want to be active through out the day, you must try these recipes at home.

Plain Scrambled eggs with ToastScramblled Eggs

Ingredient :
1) 4 Eggs
2) Butter
3) Salt & pepper

Procedure :
1) Put three tablespoonfuls of butter in a shallow frying pan.
2) Add a tablespoonful of water to each egg.
3) Four eggs are quite enough for four people.
4) Add a half teaspoonful of salt, and spoonful of pepper according to your taste.
5) Break the eggs; turn them into the frying pan, on the hot butter.
6) Constantly scrape from the bottom of the pan with a fork, while they are cooking.
7) Serve with a toast.

Microwave Eggs 

1) Break two eggs, allowing one to each person. 2) Beat the whites to a stiff froth. 3) keep them into individual dishes, make a hole, in the center. 4) Drop into this a whole yolk. 5) keep the dish in a pan of water, cover, and cook in the oven about two or three minutes. 6) Dust slightly with salt and pepper, put little butter in the center of each. This is one of the most eye pleasing of all egg recipes.

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