5 Best Homemade Baby Scrubs

Market is flooded with baby products, but what if you can prepare some scrubs at home? It’s very easy and completely natural. Though these brands claim that their products are 100% safe for babies, but it really takes nothing to make some basic scrubs at home. Here is how you can go about it:Baby Scrubs at Home

1. Bread scrub:

Bread scrub is very good for baby’s soft skin. Just scramble some fresh bread and use it while giving baby bath. But be sure bread is not old or expired.

2. Oat flaks:

You can use grinded or powdered oat flakes. Add some milk to it. This mix works best in removing unwanted baby hair.

3. Besan + milk or cream + sandal powder + rose water:

It is the traditional form of scrub, highly recommended from generations. It is actually very good for baby’s skin; especially in the winters, it keeps baby’s skin moist and soft.

4. Toor dal flour + milk + sandal powder:

Mix toor dal and sandal powder and add some milk to it. Sandal powder is good for baby’s soft skin.

5. Masoor dal flour + milk + sandal powder:

Masoor dal helps in keeping baby’s skin glowing . All these scrubs are 100% natural and good for all the seasons.

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