5 Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is a store house of protein, calcium, vitamin B and other nutrients. It acts as an alternative to milk in most households due to its enhancing power of lactose absorption. In our daily life we have once or twice taken frozen yogurt and enjoyed thoroughly until not knowing of its health benefits. Here are 5 great benefits of yogurt & vital information on yogurt that many have not known until now.

Fights Colon cancer:

Yogurt comprises of lactobacteria intestines friendly elements that helps colon (colon is the main part of the large intestine which absorbs water and electrolytes from food) fight the harmful substances like nitrates and nitirites which destroys the healthy enzymes, thus lowering the risk of colon cancer. Furthermore, the presence of calcium in yogurt helps strengthening the immunity builder.

Immunity Booster:

In yogurt the bacterial substances have stimulation to release white cells that helps fighting infections. This also enhances in fighting of tumour cells. This has been proved by researchers by studying 68 people who ate two cups of yogurt daily for three months have produced higher levels of immunity.

Heals Intestinal Infections:

There are various types of allergies and viral gastrointestinal disorders. This is because of high intolerant to lactose. Yogurt contains lactese that soothes the emergence of bacteria causing digestive disorders like diarrhoea Many doctors have suggested intake of yogurt once in a day is like taking antibiotics in soothing inflammation in the intestine or digestive system.

Lowering the Cholesterol Level:

Bile acids helps in lowering the cholesterol level which is most affluence in yogurt. There are studies supporting the fact which maintains the blood pressure and cholesterols.

Get Flat Abs:

Studies show that in take of 18 ounces of yogurt in a day can help achieve a flat stomach. Replacing yogurt with an unhealthy snack on a daily basis can help get your

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