4 Must Have Gadgets For Indian Kitchen

A modular kitchen with all the fancy must-have ‘gadgets’ is every woman’s dream. Let’s face it, we like cooking or not, we end up spending quality time in kitchen! Why not make cooking activity fun?


While all us want to cook variety of healthy meals every day, and fast at that, a griller is a must in kitchen these days. They come in different shapes and sizes. Earlier, they only had outdoor griller as an option, but these days list is endless with table grill to barbeque grill to charcoal grill, and many others. Using a griller, you can cook your dishes directly over the flame, that will give a nice smoky effect to your dishes.

Hand mixer:

Hand mixer is something that I use maximum for whisking eggs, to prepare dosa batter, pancake batter or simply for kneading. A good hand mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance. Whenever you are in a hurry, using the regular mixer and cleaning it later on becomes task, and so, in such cases, a hand mixer will come to your rescue. So go for that sleek hand mixer that will make your life easier.

Coffee maker:

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cup of Cafe Mocha or Vanilla Latte in the morning, along with scrambled eggs, while you read the newspaper! These days, a wide range of coffee makers are available in the market. A good coffee maker is a quick-fix option for those who love the beans. There price range starts from 200/- and goes up to 9000/-


iPad in kitchen? Don’t get zapped! Most of us use iPads for mailing, surfing and socialising, my ipad actually helps me a lot while I am cooking. Very frequently, I use this gadget in my kitchen and browse through different food websites and cook simultaneously. What’s more, you can also see live demos while you are cooking!

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