3 Must Visit Places To Experience Holi

All of us love this colourful festival don’t we? It’s so much fun to smear colour on your friend’s face and drench her in water. But we do that every year, so how about going a little off beat this holi. Here are 3 must visit places to experience holi in 2013 where holi is not just a massive festival,but these places also have a religious and historical connect with holi! You can enjoy, as well as capture these priceless moments.The festival of holi celebrates beginning of a new season. The general belief is that holi is the time to enjoy abundant colours that the spring season brings along with it, at the same time bidding adieu to winter season. Holi is celebrated on a full moon day in phalgun, which usually falls in the later part of February or March. This festival has different names across India, and what’s more, different ways of celebrating it as well!holi

North belt is the place to be!

They say Mathura & Vridanvan are the places to visit if you really want to see the ‘true colours’ of this festival. Lord Krishna’s devotees throng these two places during holi. Holi celebrations go on for a week in some parts of Uttar Pradesh. As every festival is incomplete without food, during holi, people cook some traditional dishes like gujia, jalebi, Kachori and many dishes prepared in pure ghee. Consuming bhaang or thandai is considered to be a part of holi celebration and some households prepare bhaang or thandai at home. People usually celebrate holi with gulal and water in the north belt.


Dwarka in Gujarat is the place where lord Krishna devotees gather during holi. The legendary city of Dwaraka was the dwelling place of lord Krishna. Holi is celebrated with water and colours in Gujarat. People love to get drenched in coloured water and they sing and dance on lord Krishna’s songs. Vibrant Gujarat is definitely a place worth visiting this holi!


Holi is celebrated in a big way in Maharashtra. Apart from the numerous theme and colour parties that are organised across Mumbai and other big cities in the state, people give a traditional touch to holi by preparing traditional dishes like puranpoli.

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