12 Things All Stationary Lovers Know To Be True

There’s something about stationary that’s just beautiful!

  1. New stationary can inspire you to work better.
  2. But you’re always hesitant to use the new notebooks.
  3. It’s because of that hesitation that you have many unused notebooks lying around. And the longer they remain unused, the lesser you feel like using them.
  4. And yet, you keep buying more and more notebooks.

Clutch notebook

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  1. You love Post Its and notepads of different colours, shapes and sizes.

coloured post its


  1. Stationary shopping is a REAL thing.

  2. In fact, you could spend hours and hours at a stationary store

stationary shop


  1. And once you’re done with the stationary haul, you come back home only to stare at all the things you just bought. They just look so nice!

  2. You’d be super happy receiving a stationary hamper / basket for your birthday or any other such occasion.

  3. You love pens, but you aren’t biased towards money or brand.


(Photo by Tom Harpel. Source)

  1. Things like labels, paperclips, envelopes and files make you extremely happy.


  1. The world doesn’t really understand your obsession, but then again, you don’t really care.

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