10 Reasons Why We Love Samantha From Sex And The City

Samantha Jones from Sex And The City is easily one of the most popular characters television has ever seen. She’s confident, successful and not afraid to speak her mind.

When the TV show was aired, Samantha Jones was more of a shock factor. But as time passed, women all over the world started relating to her and loving her even more.

We take a look at 10 reasons why we totally LOVE Samantha Jones!

1. The lady knows better than to judge her friends. No matter what!


real friends don't judge..they support, they pick you up, and they defend you to the end..and so much more. Only you know a true friend by where they are when you are really in trouble.:


2. She’s super wise.


Men… | Community Post: 80 Of Samantha Jones' Best Moments On "Sex And The City":


3. She did not bow down to the pressures of society and while that is something we talk about doing often, it’s most definitely easier said than done!


And reject other people's judgment and slut-shaming. | The Samantha Jones Guide To Having A Bangin' Sex Life:


4. Nor did she care what people thought of her. Confident AF!


no matter what i do, someone has to talk bad about me:


5. She wasn’t exactly modest, but we absolutely love her confidence!


Sex and the City:


6. She was always real with her friends and her words of wisdom make so much sense!


Samantha Jones. my hero.:


7. She was always there to cheer her friends and their success. Girlfriend’s got your back!


She made more money than her boyfriend, and she was cool with it. | 23 Times Miranda Proved She Was The Most Empowering Character On "Sex And The City":


8. While men were obviously on her mind, she had her priorities straight!


samantha jones preaching the truth!:


9. She said things that most people would be afraid to say.


sex and the city | Tumblr


10. She was fabulous!


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