10 Facts About Starbucks You Might Not Know

Starbucks wasn’t the original name choice. It was Pequods.Starbucks Coffee

On an average, Starbucks has added 2 stores daily, since 1987. Yes, you read that right, DAILY!!starbucks store

Over 87,000 drink combinations are possible at Starbucks. Talk about being confused because of too many options!Types of coffees starbucks

Their cup size – trenta, has a better capacity than your stomach. 916 ml(Trenta) vs. 900 ml(your stomach).Starbucks Facts

In the year 2005, Starbucks introduced a drink – Chantico which was said to be a drinkable dessert. The experience of a Chantico was said to be close to drinking a melted truffle. Sounds wonderful? Well, the drink failed big time and was pulled out within a year.

Starbucks was the first brands to reach 10 million likes on Facebook. We’re not surprised considering how active they are on the social media platform.starbucks facebook

Starbucks spends more on healthcare for their employees, than they do on their coffee beans.starbucks employee

Everyone knows Starbucks is filled with people who come in with their laptops alone and work in the cafe while sipping on coffee. However, not many know that the round tables at Starbucks are designed keeping in mind these people who come in solo to make them feel less alone.Starbucks tables

Starbucks has a 10 Minute Rule. They open 10 minutes before their official opening time and close 10 minutes after their official closing time. Even though the opening and closing time differ from outlet to outlet, the rule remains the same for everyone.

It is said that Starbucks uses 93 Gallons of milk per year. Can’t put that into perspective? Let us help. That amount can fill up 155 Olympic sized swimming pools.

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